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The youth voice in the Australian Labor Party

Victorian Young Labor is an official body within the Australian Labor Party that represents members aged between 14 and 26 years old.  Victorian Young Labor has more than 1200 members state-wide.

Victorian Young Labor is a vibrant, dynamic meeting place for young people to support Labor and share ideas. Whatever your passion may be – social justice, the labour movement, democracy or the fair go – Victorian Young Labor is for you.

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From the VYL Blog

Two competing schools of thought

Liam Maloney considers the implications of the federal budget

What has been evidently absent in the discourse on the recent federal budget is the lack...

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Democracy and diversity: Media ownership in Australia

The 2013 federal election demonstrated the corrosive effects of concentrated media ownership on democracy. It is essential that the media act as a safe-haven...

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Politics and the media

"Beacon" Editor Emma Henderson explains why she isn't a journalist

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SSAF: Great news for Universities and their Labor Clubs

In October 2011 the Labor Government passed legislation through the Lower House and the Senate to allow Universities and other higher education providers to...

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